Master Herbalist Consultation   $120 (Includes Iridology, pH testing, muscle testing, and wellness program. Hair Analysis available for $90. Herbal medicines available for purchase at this office. )

Reiki  $60

Advanced Integrated Energy (combination of various energy modalities including Reiki, Crystals, Sound Frequencies, Essential Oils and more)  $80

Spiritual Readings -

Current Life Lesson  $45    Spirit Guide  $60    Soul Contract  $300


(combination of Chinese, Egyptian, and Western with herbal foot soak and massage)

$65 for feet, $40 for hands, $20 for ears

Lymphatic Drainage Massage  $110/1.5hr

Relaxation Massage  $70/hr

Aromatherapy Massage  $80/hr

Hot Stone Massage  $110/1.5hr

Tibetan Massage  $115

Herbal Salve Joint Massage  $80

Wellness Body Wrap (Baltic mud, Seaweed, Cacao/Coconut)  $120

Wellness Facial (Ancient Secrets, Lavender, Rose)  $70

Ionic Detox Foot Bath (with foot massage)  $50

Ear Coning (with facial lymphatic drainage massage)  $50

The Body Cleanse      $270 (approximate time: 4 hours)
Ionic Detox Foot Soak, Baltic Mud Body Wrap and Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Ancient Traditions      $240 (approximate time: 4 hours)
Tibetan Massage, Traditional Reflexology and Ancient Secrets Facial

Rejuvenation      $130 (approximate time: 2 hours)
Relaxation Massage and Wellness Facial

Moonstone Wellness

26 Spring Street, Picton, ON